Part-Time Master Singapore:
Perks of Studying in Longer Time

Gaining a master’s degree is a way to help you accelerate your career. However, if you’re a productive professional or have other life responsibilities, committing the time to join a full-time master’s degree program would be difficult. Yet, some countries offer a more flexible post-grad program, such as a part-time master in Singapore

The country is constantly ranked as one of the best countries for education in the world for a reason. Apart from its excellent higher education system, Singapore also offers broad part-time study programs. The following discussion will help you unfold about this kind of master’s degree program and what you can expect from ones in Singapore.

What Is a Part-time Master Program?

A part-time master’s program is basically a post-graduate academic program while during enrollment students only attend classes a few days a week. Hence, this master’s program spans longer than a traditional full-time program. The part-time master’s degree programs provide flexibility for students through numerous approaches implemented. 

For instance, you can find a part-time master Singapore program provided by Manchester Worldwide Institute of Higher Education that offers a blended learning system.  This system allows students to upskill through coursework and assignments, with an experiential system through face-to-face workshop sessions twice a year.

The Difference(s) between part-time Master and Full-time Master Program

There is not much difference between full-time and part-time master’s programs. In general, it’s about the pace or duration of the program, and also the cost. The length and pace of the part-time study program depend mainly on the institution and subject. 

In some countries, a full-time master takes two years, yet in others, it typically takes one year to complete. Accordingly, students may generally be allowed two up to six years to complete the program they choose. 

Besides the cost, the part-time master’s program also allows students to distribute the tuition and afford their education at a lower cost over time.  Meanwhile, taking a full-time master’s degree requires students to pay a hefty tuition fee at once.  

Is There A Part-time Master in Singapore?

As mentioned earlier in this discussion, Singapore does have tons of part-time degrees, whether it’s for a bachelor’s degree or a master’s program. Several prominent part-time master’s degree programs in Singapore include the following majors. 

  1. Agriculture and Environmental studies (and related ones).
  2. Business Administration (covers programs like Executive Master, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management).
  3. Communications. 
  4. Finance and Banking. 
  5. Global and International Management.
  6. Management and Commerce. 

Additionally, you may also find some major part-time master’s degrees offered by specific higher education institutions in Singapore.

What are the Benefits of a Part-time Master in Singapore?

There are some general rules of thumb regarding the benefits of a part-time master’s program. Namely the flexibility of schedules, lenient coursework load, and opportunity to practice the skills and knowledge directly in their professional settings. 

Those allow you to continue working or managing other life duties while increasing career opportunities. 

In addition to the general advantage, there are also specific perks of joining a part-time master’s Singapore program. 

First and foremost, it’s obvious that the UK and the US are the countries that open a myriad of part-time master’s degree programs with high-quality education. However, you already know that both tuition fees and living costs in both of those countries are quite pricey. 

Compared to the UK and US, the fees to study for a part-time master’s degree in Singapore are much lower. Still, you’ll get to taste an excellent and prime education system. Also, you can get this experience in local universities or foreign university branches that exist in Singapore. 

Students also need to ensure their safety. Generally speaking, Singapore is known for its tight code of law. The code of conduct is provided to secure healthy space for both locals and foreigners. This perk benefits foreign students to concentrate better on their studies and adult responsibilities. 

Furthermore, Singapore also attracts foreigners from around the world. Hence, you can also at once enlarge your networking assets while pursuing your studies and career in this small country.  

Wrapping up the combos, programs of part-time master in Singapore is a good education option. You can still keep up with the work or life responsibilities while scaling up your competencies through formal education more affordably and flexibly.

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